TheDailyDPad: Where video game arguments go to die!

Well, we’re some avid lovers of the video game medium, from the old 8-bit chiptunes and crushing difficulty to the newest 1080p, eyeball melting detail.  We also love arguing about those details.  Have you ever stayed up until 4am debating whether or not each new 2d mario is technically a new game or not?  Is incremental iteration enough for you to give something a new title?  Well, we do argue about those sorts of things, and also things you might actually care about.  For example, is the small upgrade in graphics for The Last of Us Remastered worth paying full price all over again?  Let us tell you.  Here at The Daily D-Pad, we want to be the last word on every good argument (or at least we’ll try to be).  So if you like your video game discussions with a lot of heat and a little bit of good old logic, check back here every day for something new!  Or if its about a game that’s twenty years old, at least something interesting!  See you there!